Black Tutu Squad - Kalamazoo Dance photography
Black Tutu Squad, Kalamazoo, MI
  1. Can boys join the Black Tutu Squad?
    YES!  We would love to have all middle school and high school dancers.  Originally I was inspired by a black tutu to create something new for the dancers in the area...hence the Black Tutu Squad name.  You don't have to wear a black tutu to become part of our squad, if you don't want to.
  2. Do I have to love ballet to join the squad?
    We love all forms of dance.  You can rock some hip hop style with a black tutu and combat boots.  You can go barefoot and find your inner modern dancer.
  3. How old do I have to be to join?
    BTS is for middle school and high school students who dance at all of the various studios in the area.
  4. I'm not flexible, can I still join and will my photos be amazing?
    I hear you!  I was never the most flexible and had to work hard to get what limited flexibility that I had.  There are so many amazing poses to show off your skills that don't include your leg by your nose.
  5. I don't have pointe shoes and I notice your dancers often wear them.
    Pointe shoes are not a requirement to dance in front of my camera!  You be you!
  6. I have an idea...can I share it with you?
    YES!  I would love to hear your ideas.  I ask for input from my squad on our various sessions...if you have an idea for a theme or location or pose, I am all ears!  This project is about all of us coming together.
  7. Will the shoots in season 7 be the same as previous seasons?
    No.  I try to make each season unique.  That doesn't mean that we might not revisit a favorite location at some point.  Or we won't do a shoot with a solid backdrop each year (I already know what color I want for Season 7!). You also have the ability to choose how to approach the different shoots.  Classic, funky, quirky.  

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