About Me

I consider Kalamazoo home and have lived in the area off and on since I was five.  So while I was not born here, it IS my home.

In the early years, I lived in Portage and attended Portage Northern and KAMSC.  I spent all of my free time at the dance studio. Dance Inc. is no longer around but it has many ties to the studios in the area.  I loved dancing and teaching (comes in handy during dancer sessions).  Then I went off to college – WAY across town to Kalamazoo College.  K College still holds a very special place in my heart – I loved my time there…and really the ability to study abroad while being a science major is an incredible thing.  I lived in Spain for 6 months…I can’t even explain how amazing it was.

After K, I began working for Pharmacia and Upjohn…which soon became Pharmacia and then Pfizer. I was a medicinal chemist/process chemist for almost ten years.  I met my husband at Pfizer and we bought a house in Mattawan…where little did I know at the time one of my future senior clients lived just around the block.

From Kalamazoo, we moved to Ann Arbor, Connecticut, NYC, back to Connecticut and finally back home to Kalamazoo.  My older daughter Hannah is 14 (How did that happen?!?) and was born in Kalamazoo but Leah, my 12 year old, was born in Connecticut.  Likewise, my photography business was born in Connecticut.  It has been 11 years and I am happy to say that I love my new career.  The nerdy part of my brain (I was a chemist!) enjoys the technical aspects of photography and the artsy side (uh, hello…dancer) loves the creativity, the composition, the color and the light.

My kids will go to Portage Central – I wonder if I will secretly want to cheer for the Huskies or if I will fully embrace the Mustangs?  I am super excited that the two schools will no longer have to share the field.  It was never fun to be a “visitor” on your home field.

If you’ve followed me for awhile, you know that my heart is traveling with my family. In the recent years, we’ve been to Paris, Madrid, Italy, Bahamas, Disney, Florida beaches, Tennessee, the UP and more. Our next grand adventure was supposed to be Portugal in July 2020. That plan is now on hold due to travel restrictions so we are currently brainstorming local vacation ideas.

In my free time, I love to watch Hannah dance, Leah compete in gymnastics, cook with my family and take ballet classes. I am also a reader (YA series is my current flavor of book) and love to binge Netflix/Hulu/Starz.

I can’t wait to meet you!


Photo credit: Stefanie Irene Photography and Rachel Skye Photography

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