Do you have a question about a Becky Anderson Seniors session?  You can always email, call or text me if you have questions.  Here are some commonly asked questions...maybe your answer is here or maybe there is a question that you never thought to ask.

1.  How many outfits can I do with a Signature Session?

-I suggest three outfits for a Signature Session.  It allows us to really focus on each outfit.  You can certainly bring more but you will have less time (and less images to choose from) in each outfit.  Three seems to be a magic number.  It allows you to show your different sides...perhaps you love sundresses but also can rock an athletic outfit.  Or you must wear your new fall boots but can't imagine your senior portraits without your favorite chucks.  Not to mention the outfit that your mom insists you wear.  Enough choices to make everyone happy but not overwhelmed.

Becky Anderson Seniors Signature Session with 3 different outfits to show variety
Signature Session - show variety with multiple outifts

 2. How many locations can I choose for a Signature Session?

-Two locations usually works best in the time allowed.  A popular choice is to start downtown for some fun modern and architectural shots and then to head off to a beautiful natural area - think big fields, trees, flowers.  Many of the locations that I shoot in have so much variety that you don't have to leave and hit a second location.  The perk of only one location is more time to explore and no car rides in the middle of your session.

 3. What if I want a third location to really capture who I am?

If you have a specific idea and it includes stopping at a third location - always ask.  Sometimes we can fit a third location in between your locations if it is convenient. Other times, we will need to schedule a different time for the additional location but can split your total session time. Sometimes, we will want a different day and even more time like doing a separate minisession. I love being able to capture you in your element so let's make a plan!

3.  Can I do multiple outfits and locations with a Simply Senior Session?

-No.  Simply Senior Sessions are specifically meant for someone who just wants a great yearbook shot (or perhaps is doing this under protest).   The sessions are short and we only have time for one location and one outfit.  We can work out a second look if you layer. For are wearing a long sundress with your favorite jean jacket....we can certainly take some with and without the jacket.  This can certainly give you a different look and feel.  This type of session can also be a good fit for someone with a specific vision.  One senior knew she wanted an urban location, one outfit and images with her instrument.  It was a perfect fit for this kind of session.

Senior minisession example showing one outfit and one location
Simply Senior Session - One outfit, one location.

4.  Can I bring a prop?

- Absolutely.  I want these images to reflect the person that you are.  If you are a musician, by all means, bring your instrument.  If you are a soccer player thru and thru, bring your cleats or ball.  If your dog is your most loyal companion, bring him/her along.  And feel free to think outside the box, we all see senior images to reflect sports, music and dance.  What if you you are a bookworm and love nothing more than to jump inside a book?   Let's create some images with your favorite books. Music lover and have a stash of vinyl?  Bring it.  Proud of your brand new truck?  Let's incorporate it.   Budding photographer?  Bring your camera (or better yet - borrow one of my vintage cameras for a fun look).  Write in a journal every single day without fail?  Let capture your journal love in your senior portraits.

5.  Can I bring a friend with me?

-If you and your best friend want to do your sessions together, we can do that!  You would both pay discounted session fees and have your shoot together.  You would each receive your own gallery with your individual shots as well as some combined shots.  Not only do you receive awesome senior portraits, you will create unforgettable memories with your BFF.

 6.  Am I required to have professional hair and makeup done for my senior portraits?

-No I do not require it although you are more than welcome to book it on your own if you choose.  I really believe strongly that your senior portraits should capture who you are today. If you normally run around with smokey dark eyes and red all means, rock that out for your session.  If you normally swipe on some mascara and gloss and go...don't do anything drastic for your photos.  As someone who decided it would be a good idea to curl my hair for my senior photos (when I never wore it curly), I know what it is like to look back at that image and realize it doesn't look like you.  I want your mom to look at the images and say "That is so her."  Not "Who is that girl?"  When you go off to college, she will look at those photos often...and I want her to be flooded with memories.  Let your natural beauty shine though and embrace your authentic self!

7.  Do you shoot in a studio?

- No, not typically for my seniors.  There are many styles of photography and many reasons to love photography.  Much of my passion comes from exploring new locations, using the changing light, finding cool shadows, etc.  I find so much inspiration outside. That being said, there are some amazing studios for rent in the Kalamazoo area. If you want some inside shots, let's look at what is available and make an individualized plan.

8. Can I buy the digital images?

-Yes, I offer both digital and print packages. The digital packages include a release so you can print them as you wish.  I recommend that all digital clients print at for high quality prints.

9.  Can I send you a pinterest board of my senior photo ideas?

- Of course.  It is great to use pinterest for inspiration for your senior session.  You can be inspired by clothing, outfits, color, locations and more.  The aim is not to copy these images.  The aim is to use the images that attract you to see what style you are drawn to.  Do you like hazy, backlit images?  Do you like all up close shots?  Do you like bold pops of colors?  Do you especially like the ones where the senior is looking off camera?  Do you like ones that scream your interests or subtlely show them?  Are you picking a lot of images with stairs in them?   Are you planning a beach session but every image you pin had some cool architectural element to it?

Contact me now for more information and to book your session!.