Season 5 dancers at the group shoot!

Stay tuned! Season 6 coming VERY soon!

Why me?

I won't lie...every photographer loves to do sessions with dancers...your ability to move and create beautiful shapes is a photographer's dream.  But just because everyone loves to doesn't mean they are the most qualified.  Why should I be YOUR dance photographer?  Not only have I been a professional photographer for 14 years, specializing in high school seniors, I was a dance teacher in the Kalamazoo area for over 10 years.  Most photographers do not know turned in from turned out or what a sickled foot is.  I do.  My passion is making you look your best as a dancer. Dancers will come to me a different levels of experience and I want to work with the dancer that YOU are...embracing YOUR strengths.

I grew up dancing competitively and was a founding member, as well as choreographer for the Frelon Dance Company at Kalamazoo College.  My time with Frelon is part of what inspires me to create this squad.  Frelon is a student-led dance company, and dancers of all levels and backgrounds participate.  The thing that brought us together as a family was our love for dance. I've recently put into words how I feel about dance and our amazing dance community in Kalamazoo.

Black Tutu Squad