5 questions when scheduling your senior session

1.   Do you prefer sundresses or jeans with boots?

What is your favorite style?  Are you the first person in a sundress or shorts in the spring – you know, when that 65 degree day feels like summer?  Or are you the first to bust out your jeans, boots and scarves in the fall when it might not be quite cold enough to warrant the outfit?

senior what to wear - jeans or dress

Is your favorite accessory a winter hat or a pair of red sandals?  While you can certainly rock a winter hat in the summer or red sandals in the snow…you would be more comfortable in the appropriate weather!

senior session accessories

2.  Do you prefer gorgeous flowers or beautiful Michigan fall color?

The summer flowers can be amazing in the summer and into September…do you envision yourself surrounded by flowers or bright green of summer grass?  Or do you have your heart set on the reds, oranges and yellow of the leaves in the fall?

summer flowers and fall colors

3.  Once school starts, does your schedule explode?

Do your evening commitments fill up in the fall?  Practices, games, rehearsals, clubs, meetings, etc?  Is is best to get your senior session done before that craziness starts?  Or maybe summer is just filled with fun vacations or a summer job that makes the fall much more flexible for your shoot?

what to wear senior dress or jeans

4.  When is your yearbook deadline?

Portage and Kalamazoo deadlines were November 1st last year and Mattawan’s yearbook deadline was December 1st.   But these dates could change. Double check your school’s deadline…we need to finish your shoot 2 weeks before the deadline in order for me to fully edit and present your images to you.  You will have to choose your favorite, and I will submit it to your yearbook committee prior to the deadline.

urban senior photos and volleyball pictures

5.  Do you want to wear a sports uniform?

If you plan on wearing a sports uniform, band uniform, dance costume, etc., will you have that available to you this summer?  Or do you have to wait until fall?

softball and baseball senior photos

Whether you choose summer, fall or somewhere in between, it’s time to schedule your senior session with Becky Anderson Seniors.  Contact me today!

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