I am so excited to start a new series on my BASeniors blog that is called College Conversation.  My guest blogger for this new series is not only an amazing friend but also a dedicated, experienced college counselor who has a passion for helping high school students navigate the college application and decision journey.  Please welcome Jessica and check back for more College Conversation in the future.



college conversation with Jessica Fowle

Hello fans of Becky Anderson Photography!

My name is Jessica Fowle, and I will be your blogger today. I am an independent college counselor with College Admissions Consulting, LLC. I will be popping in to BA Seniors on a regular basis to offer tips and insight about the college search. Now that you have your fabulous senior photos taken, it’s time to think about college!

Who am I?

Well, you already know that my name is Jessica. I am a longtime resident of Kalamazoo, MI, and have enjoyed experiencing this awesome community as a college student, then a young professional, and now the parent of three young children (ages 6, 3, and 1). From caffeinating at Water Street Coffee Joint, to frequenting downtown shops such as Lana’s Boutique and Alamo Drafthouse, volunteering in my son’s kindergarten classroom (go KPS!), to connecting with colleagues in the Women’s Business Bureau, I try to take full advantage of the local businesses and organizations in town. I love spending time with friends and relaxing on vacation in Northport, MI.

What is Independent College Counseling?

Did you know that the national student:guidance counselor ratio is 471:1 and in Michigan it is 706:1? These numbers mean that however well-prepared and passionate, counselors only have a few minutes per year to meet with each student. Even when (and I say when with eternal optimism) our education system is able to move the high school counselor caseload down to the recommended 250 students and ensure that these counselors are adequately trained in college and career counseling, there will be students and families who want or need more focused, individualized, personal attention.

I work with students and families at any point in their college search and application process, offering them individualized input and advising about finding the right college fit. I come to this field with fifteen years of experience in college admission at Kalamazoo College, and graduate coursework in college counseling. I am passionate about helping students focus on their learning style and interests to find the institution where they will feel most comfortable and be most successful. My goal is to reduce the anxiety surrounding the college search and help families feel empowered, confident, and organized throughout the process.

What do you want to hear about?

I have lots of ideas about what to share (let’s face it, I’m a total college search nerdgirl) but I would love to hear from you about the areas of confusion or curiosity that you have relating to the college search and application process.

Did you know?

For the students who are entering college this fall, 25-40% of the jobs they will be applying for as college seniors do not yet exist! The world is changing rapidly, so rather than freaking out about exactly what you want to be when you grow up, focus on the subject areas that you love, your learning style, and the way you like to interact with the world. This will help you to build the foundational skills that will allow you to successfully adapt to the professional world, whatever it looks like when you enter it!

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